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Hardware Upgrades and Addons

TheTechworx.com can provide you with full support for upgrading your Home, Office or Gaming computers. We offer you the best possibilities for your computer upgrade. Give your PC and laptop a second life by upgrading them.

We can supply replacement or upgrade components, or install parts which you have provided.

Storage Upgrades

Increase and addon additional internal hard disk storage capacity for family photos and home videos. We can also recommend and install network storage (NAS) ensuring you never run out of disk space again.

SSD Hard Drive Upgrades

Storage technology is always evolving. Solid State Drives (SSD) have faster read/write speeds and give an immediate improvement to your computer

DDR Memory Upgrades

Allowing you to do more at the same time, an upgrade to your DDR3/DDR4 memory modules is a quick fix to may PC problems

CPU & Motherboard Upgrades

Like and engine change for your computer. Motherboard evolution and compatibility with newer, faster processors gives your computer a new lease of life

Gaming Graphics Upgrades

High Definition, immersive graphics puts you in the middle of the action. Add a Gaming Graphics card to your system and experience the future of gaming

Wifi range Upgrades

Struggling to pick up wifi signal throughout your entire house/office? We can help increase and better the range of your wifi signal effortlessly.

New Builds

Whether you want laptop repair or wish to buy a bespoke computer, TheTechworx.com can assist you with fully comprehensive new computer builds - and promise to keep your pocket happy.

  • Custom Gaming PCs
  • Custom Laptops
  • Professional Desktop PCs
  • Overclocked Computers
  • Laptops & All-in-One PCs
Over 20 years of experience working with major electronics brands:

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